Vibration level switch for heavy-duty applications

  • Point level detection of liquids under extreme conditions
  • Probe length: up to 3000 mm / 118 ft
  • ≥0.47 g/cm3 / 0.017 lb/in3 (optional: ≥0.42  g/cm3 or 0.015 lb/in3)
  • -196…+450°C / -321…+842°F; -1…160 barg / -14.5…2321 psig
  • Icon/Logo Security Integrity Level 2 (SIL 2)

OPTISWITCH 5300 C – Version with aluminium housing and temperature adapter

Vibration level switch OPTISWITCH 5300 C – Version with aluminium housing and temperature adapter

The OPTISWITCH  5300 is a vibration level switch for heavy duty applications. It is designed for high/low level alarm, overfill protection or pump dry-run detection in processes from cryogenic to +450°C / +842°F. Its pressure range (up to 160 barg / 2321 psig) meets boiler standards covering virtually all saturated steam applications. With its corrosion-resistant tuning fork (Inconel® 718), an optional 2nd process seal (ceramic) and an extensive set of approvals (WHG, NACE, Ship, Ex, Boiler and SIL) it is the ideal device for harsh environments such as refineries or offshore platforms.

Product highlights

  • Detection of liquids with very low densities, optional down to ≥0.42 kg/l  or 26.22 lb/ft3
  • Unaffected by dielectrics, density or turbulences
  • Adjustment-free setup and simple maintenance
  • Extra safe with second process seal (ceramic)
  • Self-monitoring sensor and electronics element
  • Functional test possible during operation
  • Ex, WHG, SIL, NACE and various ship approvals
  • SIL2/3-compliant

Typical applications

  • Steam boilers
  • Liquefied natural gas (LNG) tankers
  • Liquid nitrogen and ethylene tanks
  • Distillation columns
  • SIL2/3 loops / Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS)

Technical data

Measurement principlesVibrating
Level measurement typePoint level detection
Measured mediaLiquids
Contact to measured mediumYes
Interface measurementNo
Probe length80…3000 mm/
3…118 in
Process pressure (relative)-1…160 barg/
-14.5…2320 psig
Process temperature-196…450°C/
Wetted partsAustenitic stainless steel (1.4404/316L), Austenitic alloy (2.4610/alloy C4), Austenitic alloy (2.4668/Alloy 718)
Process sealsKlingersil® C-4400

Process connections

Flange connectionsEN (1092-1): DN50…250
ASME (B 16.5): 1 1/2…4"
Thread connectionsMale:


Discrete outputs2-wire, Relay, Transistor


Certificates/Approvals ExATEX, EAC Ex, IECEx
Certificates/Approvals SafetySIL2
Certificates/Approvals MarineGL, LR
Certificates/Approvals OthersWHG
Ingress protectionIP66/67, NEMA4/4X/6

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