KROHNE partner product

IoT data logger for remote reading of flowmeters in district metering applications

  • Modbus via RS-485 and 1 optional analogue input
  • Mobile communication via 2G, 3G
  • Battery powered, in waterproof housing (IP68)
  • Server-based data storage and monitoring



The LS-Flow is a data logger with an integrated GSM / GPRS module. It is battery operated, watertight (IP68) and easy to install. When combined with the also battery powered WATERFLUX 3070 water meter, it forms a perfect solution for monitoring of potable water in district metering applications. The data logger features Modbus communication. In this way, it enables storage and remote data transfer of a wide range of process parameters and meter diagnostics. Additional process instrumentation like a pressure or level transmitter can be connected and powered via the analogue input of the LS-Flow.

Product highlights

  • Built-in high-performance antenna designed for installation in manholes
  • GSM/GPRS data transfer with standard SIM card
  • Data logger and evaluation software for saving and evaluating all measurements incl. pressure and temperature measurement
  • Data communication possible via Modbus RTU with the WATERFLUX 3070 electromagnetic water meter
  • Wireless connection with PC or pocket PC via Bluetooth
  • No data loss in case of power failure (empty battery)
  • Visual LED-based diagnostics
  • Autonomous power supply: long-life lithium battery, low consumption
  • Sensor power feeding (suitable for passive output)
  • Permanent power consumption metering

Typical applications

  • Remote meter reading
  • Leakage detection
  • District metering in combination with water meter
  • Warning messages in case of alarms or exceeded thresholds

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  • CT: MI-001, OIML R49 up to DN600 / 24", no inlet/outlet runs needed
  • Burial installation possible (IP68)

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