27 ene 2012

Variable area flowmeters now support fieldbus

  • For the first time, H250 M40 variable area flowmeter available with FOUNDATION fieldbus
  • First use for the new variant for gas seal monitoring on turbo compressors
  • Modular design makes it possible to retrofit FOUNDATION fieldbus functionality on installed devices

H250 M40 variable area flowmeter now with FOUNDATION fieldbus functionality

The variable area measuring principle now supports fieldbus: KROHNE introduces the H250 M40 variable area flowmeter featuring FOUNDATION fieldbus functionality. This guarantees complete integration into and interoperability with FOUNDATION fieldbus control systems. This also applies to previously installed devices: The modular design of the H250 M40 launched in 2009 also allows for retrofitting to FOUNDATION fieldbus devices. It is fed completely from the fieldbus and offers much more than previous stopgaps with converters which only converted the 4…20mA signal to a digital value on the bus.

One of the first buyers of the new variant is a major German manufacturer of turbo compressors: The manufacturer ordered 240 devices in nominal sizes DN 15 and DN 25 to monitor the multi-stage gas seals on a total of 10 compressors which are used to liquefy natural gas in Australia. With the FF functionality, the status of the seals on the shaft end of the compressor to seal off against the process medium are transferred directly into the control system. This also makes it possible to set the limit values of the flowmeters, realise a PID control using the control system and read the integrated totalizer. This gas seal monitoring is a typical application for variable area flowmeters which can still reliably display the measurement even in the event of a power outage.
Because the pressure prevailing in the process could break through to the measuring devices in the event of seal failure, high pressure devices designed to withstand pressures up to 300 bar are used at the points in question.

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