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KROHNE already offer a range of web services. here you will find an up-to-date overview, which is constantly growing.


Product Information Center KROHNE

PICK offers you device-specific documents on the basis of the serial number of your KROHNE device.


Configure It

Several levels lead you directly to the correct instrument. Configure It is a most reliable and easiest instrument. The implemented logic excludes non-relevant choices, the resulting instrument is accurately configured for your needs. The expert system considers all factors, and you can experience how this intelligent system thinks for you. After only a few questions, Configure It will present the right instrument for your needs.

Configure It

Water Planning Tool

Planningtool for the generation of Tender documents in the area of flow, level, analysis, pressure and temperature.

The Planningtool for water & wastewater treatment plants as well as water & wastewater applications 

Your 10 point planning advantage

  • Competent Planning assistance via the Internet

  • Very simple creation of precise Tender documents, combined with a comfortable configuration of the measurement devices.

  • Download the Tender documents as Word, Excel or GAEB file

  • 100% Planning security: deployed devices are available on the market

  • Free-of-charge, personal introduction by KROHNE employees gives you a quick start

  • With graphic user guidance and clickable flow diagrams giving direct access to all measurement points

  • A listing of alternative possible device types and measurement process as well as extensive detailed information

  • Device-specific downloads, Datasheets, Manuals, Short-form descriptions, 2D and 3D CAD drawings in DWG, IGES, SAT, STEP and SLDPRT formats, Certificates and Calculation software

  • Future-safe system that is continuously updated and enhanced

  • No installation required on the computer

Water Planning Tool


The fastest way to your measurement solution

You would like to order industrial measuring technology from KROHNE online? No problem with the KROHNE eShop! The new online shop offers the possibility to order process measuring technology simply by mouse click. The range includes industrial measurement technology from the areas of flow measurement technology, level measurement technology, temperature measurement technology, pressure measurement technology and analytical measurement technology.



360° digital exhibition

On the occasion of our 100th anniversary we invite members of the process industry to KROHNE Insights – the 360° digital exhibition. Due to the success of the live weeks from June 7th -24th - with thousands of interested visitors from all over the world - KROHNE Insights continues. You still can get access to all industry specific exhibition halls with 120 exclusive video messages and over 150 webinar recordings. Explore trends & technologies in process measurement, 100 years of KROHNE and our locations and manufacturing.

KROHNE Insights

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